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APCER 3006-I

Road Freight Transport.

To respond to the needs of road transport companies, independent or public, APCER developed, in partnership with ANTRAM (National Association of Road Freight Public Transport), a specification of service requirements: APCER 3006-I Road Freight Transport.


The service includes compliance with a set of service requirements associated with the characteristics of this type of activity, which are grouped as follows:
  • Process Requirements for Carrying Out the Transport Service
  • Support Requirements to Carry Out the Transport Service
  • Management Requirements


Compliance with the requirements of this specification does not detract from compliance with applicable national, community and non-community regulation, and this document constitutes a benchmark of support for the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark:

Optimization of service requests and their planning;

Standardization of the transport service preparatory stages (e.g.: presence of a driver’s manual);

Clear identification of the cargo handling rules, responsibilities and equipment needed for merchandise safety;

Compliance with transport rules (e.g.: compulsory driving hours and rest periods,..);

Compliance with the legal requirements governing the vehicle and the respective activity;

Management commitment to all of the services provided;

Differentiation and recognition in the market;

Increased level of customer confidence in the services provided by the organization.

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