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CE Marking – Measuring Instruments

Directive Measuring Instruments 2014/32/UE

APCER is an European Commission Notified Body No. 0866, for Directive No. 2014/32/EU of 26th February, on the harmonization of the laws of Member States relating to making measuring instruments available on the market.

This document revoked Directive No. 2004/22/CE, and its implementation became effective on 20th April 2016.

This Directive, named Directive MID, was transposed into national law by Portuguese Decree-Law No. 45/2017 of 27th April, which revokes Portuguese Decree-Law No. 71/2011 of 16th June, and harmonizes the requirements for the marketing and/or commissioning of measuring instruments with a measuring function defined in the specific Annexes MI-001 to MI-010.

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The conformity assessment and the monitoring of CE Marking by APCER have the following objectives:

Checking compliance with legal requirements;

Demonstrating that the products are suitable for their intended purpose;

Ensuring the removal of barriers to trade and to the free movement of products within the EU;

Increasing the confidence of consumers and customers.

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