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EN 694

Fire Hoses - Semi-rigid Hoses for Fixed Systems

The EN 694:2001+A1:2007 standard sets out the technical requirements that must be met by the producers of semi-rigid fire hoses for fixed installations. Hoses with an internal diameter of between 19mm and 25mm should be used at a maximum pressure of 1.2 MPa, and hoses with a 33mm internal diameter should be used at a maximum pressure of 0.7 MPa.

APCER provides the “Semi-rigid fire hoses for fixed installations” product certification in accordance with the EN 694:2001+A1:2007 standard. It considers additional management system requirements that organizations must implement if they want to produce this type of hose so as to ensure consistent production and to satisfy technical requirements.

The certification of this product involves the execution of a concession audit, the execution of concession tests, and annual monitoring activities including audits and follow-up tests. The certificate is valid for 5 years, at the end of which a content renewal audit is carried out which is equal to that of the concession audit.

The main benefits of the implementation and subsequent certification in accordance with this benchmark include:

Checking compliance with legal requirements;

Demonstrating that the product is suitable for its intended purpose;

Increasing consumer and customer confidence.

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